Independent navigation for everyone.
Increased Safety
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Peace of mind for loved ones
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Live monitoring - real time location, heart rate and battery life
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Safety alerts - arrived safely, off route and more
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Two way direct contact in one tap
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Enterprise Ireland
Commercialisation Fund 2018
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How does waytoB work?
Our vision at waytoB is to make the world accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of ability. We aim to do this by offering solutions which offer safeguarding and assistive technology for travel training people with higher support needs.

Our safeguarding solution provides peace of mind to carers and loved ones, who can monitor the individual's location, heart rate and battery life while travelling. Alerts can be provided in scenarios such as when the individual starts, arrives or deviates from the route.

The navigation software empowers the individual to quickly and safely learn new routes. It provides intuitive, icon-based directions based on real time location and orientation data, which makes the navigating experience as easy and stress free as possible.
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